Liu Wai Sang

Quan Dao (Ling Quan)

A Martial Art To Explore The Principles and Laws Of Nature

Quan Dao literally means 'Boxing Way'. Quan Dao is also called Ling Quan. Ling means Spiritual, Soulful, Intelligent, Efficacious, Responsive and Quan, Boxing. Quan Dao or Ling Quan is a martial art chiefly developed on the basis of kinesiology.

There are so many schools of martial art, especially in Asia. Among all these, although one school may be slightly or vastly different from many others, one thing is certain, the founding and characteristics of each school, either ancient or modern, depends largely on the unique combat skill and successful experience of the founder. As a result, the passing of knowledge of each school from one generation to another is mostly through traditional practical coaching which often lacks scientific guidance based on principles and laws of nature.

Today, most practitioners of martial art have much lesser time to devote to their training. In order to maintain or even improve the general standard of this art, it is necessary to study and teach it in a more efficient and scientific way. Hence the development of Quan Dao (Ling Quan) is to serve this purpose.

From Sept. 2007 on, a new course of Quan Dao (Ling Quan) will start. Please watch this space for further announcement.


To Belgium, the country and its people. (Since Quan Dao - Ling Quan is developed here.)