Liu Wai Sang

What is the Vital Hidden Force of Life?

The Vital Hidden Force of Life is Life itself. It is the source of life energy, the base of most if not all visceral organs, the twelve Acupuncture Meridians, the Gate of Breathing, and much more.

Chinese Medicine calls this Force the Moving Energy Amidst the Kidneys (Shen Jian Don Qi)

For more about the Moving Energy Amidst the Kidneys, please read the following articles. The first article addresses the hidden issue at hand.

The three articles thereafter address this issue in different fields of conventional Chinese work: health exercises, Martial Arts and healing practices.

The fifth article introduces the Work of the Moving Energy amidst the Kidneys.

The sixth article for the first time ever discloses the Work of the Moving Energy within the Core of the Lower Elixir Fields