Liu Wai Sang

SomatoPsychic Integration

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the whole mental and emotional entity consists of many different psychic elements. These psychic elements, each one named according to its conscious level, refer mainly to the mind or spirit, the two souls, the cognitive power and will. These elements do not necessarily reside in the brain; they are housed in certain organs. Also according to traditional Chinese medicine, each specific emotion is associated with a specific organ and type of tissue than with the other parts of the body. Hence according to traditional Chinese medicine, mental and emotional activities are closely related to the visceral and tissue activities.

Based on the ancient psychological view of traditional Chinese medecine, it is possible to deduce that every significant part of the body, organ or tissue can store and retrieve a certain amount of memory, can possess and process a certain level of intelligence or play a certain part of a psychic role. In other words, the body has a certain scope of psychological make-up of its own.

SomatoPsychic Integration is a new way of improving or strengthening the coordination of the body and the mind through the optimal adjusting or maintaining of the postural or dynamic body, ar the light and appropriate stimulation of certain parts, tissues or organs of the body. The development of SomatoPsychic Integration is based on the innovative combination of the vast knowledge of the body and the mind from the ancient Chinese and from the modern anatomy, physiology and psychology. It is also an effective method to reduce stress and to convert it into useful potential or kinetic energy.