Liu Wai Sang

The CranioVisceral Meridian School

This school was founded in 2001 to provide proper training for future practitioners and specialists of CranioVisceral Meridian (Lu Zang Jing) work. CranioVisceral Meridian work is a sensory and gentle yet effective way of healing with both a Chinese and an osteopathic origin. The CranioVisceral Meridian School presents:

An introductory Weekend to a two or three years' CranioMeridian (Lu Jing) course which includes:

and also some:


The CranioMeridian (Lu Jing) course takes about 2 years (20 x 3 weekend days) or 3 years (30 x 2 weekend days) to complete, i.e. a total of 420 plus course hours and 330 plus assignment hours. CranioMeridian (Lu Jing) work has both a Chinese and an osteopathic origin. It goes without saying that the most basic Chinese and osteopathic hands-on work like Chinese massage and acupressure, current fascial and craniosacral work are included in this course but in an extremely soft manner. After that the training program will concentrate on the study and practice of Macrotaoistic Massage, Craniosacral Qi Gong, Craniosacral Anmo Tuina, Craniosacral Acutouch and SomatoPsychic Integration. These are five unique newly developed disciplines based on many different ancient and current healing systems.

Comparative advantages

There are many good reasons for participating in this course. Following are some of its main advantages:

  1. the CranioMeridian healing system is a multi-disciplinary system, a combination of two basic and five unique disciplines;
  2. you are the first to study and practise this unique system not yet present elsewhere;
  3. the system contains many effective exercises for self-healing and energy cultivation;
  4. it also contains many relaxing, comforting and balancing techniques so as to make the practice of healing produce the bonus of self-exercise to improve the fitness of body and mind;
  5. this healing system is not invasive or interfering as it follows the way of natural healing;
  6. it covers a wide range of specific and general complaints;
  7. this system is also supplementary and complementary, compatible with many other healing disciplines or systems;
  8. you save time and expenses in a concentrated way of studying so many diversified disciplines in such a short period;
  9. the program of this course is very selective in its studying material and is intensive in its training;
  10. it offers much practice and a minimal amount of theory during course time;
  11. every lesson is given in a practical and demonstrative manner;
  12. the course moves from anatomy to physiology, from body to mind and from statics to dynamics so as to attain a more physical and structural grasp of healing; 13. you learn to be efficient with often just a few grams of touch to secure an effective healing;
  13. it demonstrates multiple usages of energy and ways of transforming restrictions into useful energy;
  14. and most importantly, you also learn how to shield off from being drained or polluted energetically during practice.

This course is open for all beginners interested in healthcare and it is especially suitable for further study for the hands-on practitioners like craniosacral and massage therapists, shiatsu and acupressure specialists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists.