Liu Wai Sang


Neuroplasticizing to enhance health through the energetic integration of the five elements and meridians

by Liu Wai Sang

Mind-Body-Brainfulness is a discipline of engaging mindful energy to refine and direct the bodyful energy from the Five Elemental Systems (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and the Meridian System to cultivate more flexible and organic brainful or neuroplastic energy.

The Meridian System mainly consists of 12 regular channels and 8 extraordinary channels. Most of these channels are connected to the brain through the eyes.

Certain neurons in the brain can act or react to a certain extent by means of firing or wiring to any activity or physical exercise. This firing and wiring process can also alter to a certain extent the structure of the brain depending on how long and how often the activity or exercise is carried out. This happens because the brain often relies dynamically on the activity of certain neurons to maintain, rebuild or even to improve its current structure. Meaning the brain can vary its current structure through the varied usage of the same or extra other neurons. Hence, the brain is quite neuroplastic.

Every physical exercise can generate plenty of bodily cues which can enter the central nerve system through different neural pathways to stimulate the firing and wiring of neurons in the brain. Although Mind-Body-Brainfulness is an energy discipline, it has a physical base. Therefore this discipline involving energetic exercise or work can generate not only plenty of bodyful physical cues but also bodyful energy cues. While the bodyful physical cues during this exercise or work can enter the brain by following the usual neural pathways, the bodyful energy cues and supply can enter the brain to activate and nourish its neurons via the Meridian System, especially through one of its eight extraordinary channels, the Governing (Du) Channel.

The Governing Channel, located mainly on the dorsal surface of the vertebral column, is a very important meridian for Mind-Body-Brainfulness: it has a direct entry point (Du 16), which is located at the nape between the junction of the atlas and the occiput.

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