Liu Wai Sang

Craniosacral Reflexology

Craniosacral reflexology is a gentle healing exercise. Through regularly and properly exercising both the craniosacral and the reflexological energy, it is possible to effectively improve the general health of the body. Both the craniosacral and the reflexological energy coexist and cooperate physiologically within the body. Should either one or both of these two kinds of physiological energy become unfit, poor health often immediately ensues.

Currently, the trend to improve the fitness of both the craniosacral and the reflexological energy is to deal with each separately by means of either craniosacral or reflexological work. At present, there is hardly any exercise available to improve a single energy, let alone both. The development of craniosacral reflexology aims at averting such trend through the provision of a simple and gentle, yet effective means of simultaneously improving the craniosacral and the reflexological health of the body.

Both current craniosacral and reflexological work depend on the appropriate application of outside force to improve the internal work of craniosacral and reflexological energy. Hence, both can be regarded to be external healing work. While the application of force in craniosacral work can be as light as tens of grams, the application of force in reflexological work can be as heavy as tens of kilos. With such a sharp contrast in application of healing force, no wonder craniosacral and reflexological work are rarely carried out together, even by a practitioner trained in both fields.

Craniosacral reflexology on the other hand, hardly involves any outside force at all. This exercise simply employs the pre-existing internal craniosacral and reflexological energies to naturally improve each respective craniosacral and reflexological system. Since this exercise is very gentle and works from inside to outside and the improvement of both craniosacral and reflexological energy are harmoniously and simultaneously achieved at the same time, it can be regarded as an integrated internal health work.

To practise craniosacral reflexology properly, it is necessary to proceed step by step in three parts. In turn, each part has to be practised in standing, sitting and lying position. The first part is to exercise the craniosacral energy. The second part is to exercise the reflexological energy. The third part is to exercise both at the same time.

Physiologically, the activity of craniosacral energy very slightly pulsates, oscillates and rotates the whole body with an average rhythm of 3 to 8 cycles per minute. In comparison, craniosacral rhythm is much less noticeable than other physiological rhythms like breathing. To exercise the craniosacral energy properly, it is best to first follow naturally the pulsatory, the oscillatory and the rotatory activity of the craniosacral system for a while before trying to improve or regulate it.

Normal reflexological energy can keep the reflexological system functionally and structurally intact. When the reflexological system is functionally and structurally intact, all reflexological zones become well aligned. When all reflexological zones are well aligned, they can maintain the orderly activity and position of each internal organ as well as of each external body part. To properly exercise the reflexological energy is to appropriately expand and contract, extend and flex, as well externally and internally turn the reflexological zones so that they can attain optimal alignment.

Good craniosacral activity can facilitate the proper alignment of the reflexological zones. In turn, orderly alignment of all reflexological zones can unblock and keep the craniosacral system functioning in a better position. Hence, being able to perform exercise to simultaneously improve and strengthen both the craniosacral and the reflexological system, as in craniosacral reflexology, is an efficient and more natural approach to keeping fit. This means craniosacral reflexological practice can not only save time and effort but can greatly increase the efficacy of healing oneself, and later on with sufficient personal experience, of healing the others.

Craniosacral reflexology is highly recommendable for anyone trained as both a craniosacral and a reflexological practitioner. By practising craniosacral reflexology often, such practitioner can increasingly gain a more vivid insight into how each energy works apart and together. As a result, with such an insightful knowledge and experience gained through regular practice, she or he can easily make use of such gain to gradually enhance and successfully transform her or his healing work in a very short span.

For any practitioner trained in either craniosacral or reflexological healing work, taking up the practice of craniosacral reflexology, will certainly improve her or his efficacy in her or his pre-existing healing work as well as conveniently lead to gaining a very helpful complementary healing work. Eventually, craniosacral reflexology will automatically become an indispensible means to speedily improving her or his health in general as well as the health of others.

Good news for beginners! Joining the practice of craniosacral reflexology means making an important decision to save time and effort in finding a most direct and efficient way of keeping fit, should a beginner prefer either craniosacral or reflexological work or even both as a healing work for keeping health.