Liu Wai Sang

Tai Chi Yoga Kung

Tai Chi Yoga Kung is a system of health work, consisting of a gentle continuous series of changing standing postures. It has been developed through the assimilation and condensation of three known systems of health work:

  • Tai Chi Chuan (Yang School Tai Ji Quan)
  • (Tantric Chan) Yoga
  • Dantian Kung (Abdominal Brain Meditation)

As the direct descendant, Tai Chi Yoga Kung can offer positive compounded effects of the three ascendant systems, each with their own merit. Regular practice of Tai Chi Yoga Kung may save you time in obtaining immediate and prolonged effects on keeping fit and in countering mental and physical stress patterns, especially those with a digital (electronic) origin.

Tai Chi Yoga Kung
Every Wednesday evening, start 7 September 2016

from 19:00 till 20:00 for beginners
No try-out lessons
Session of 10 lessons: 100 €

Subscribe and place:
Sporthal Hogeschool Gent, 'Turnzaal'
Sint-Denijslaan 251, Gent

tai chi yoga kung